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What is Threading?

Threading is a natural way of removing hair, eyebrow threading originated from the Middle East and is believed to date back to the time of Cleopatra. Aside from being performed on the eyebrows, this method of hair removal can also done on different parts of the face and body.

Threading is when you use 100% cotton thread, which is twirled around the fingers to remove targeted hairs from the root. Eyebrows can be shaped accordingly to reveal clean, flawless skin and crisp brows.

What is the difference between threading and waxing?

Is threading painful?

Dependent on the artist, the time of the month, and your tolerance. Some say that threading doesn't hurt as much as waxing. Threading feels like tweezing/removing multiple hairs at once.

What are the benefits of threading?

Waxing and threading both have the aim of removing the entire hair from the follicle, providing about four weeks worth of well-shaped brows with no strays. Threading uses a string to remove hair, while waxing involves placing a resin on the skin and then taking it off the banish the strays and shape the brows.

Threading is better for the face than waxing because it is a mild exfoliation of the skin rather than ripping off the top layer of the epidermis. Most people do not break out after threading like the do waxing.

  • No chemicals- unlike other hair removal services, threading doesn't use any chemicals. Just string.

  • More precise- Ability to shape eyebrows with sharp precision. With threading, I'm able to remove a line of hairs vs. individually plucking the hairs.

  • Less pain

  • Better for sensitive skin

  • Saves time

  • Lasts longer

How long does threading last?

Will my hair grow back darker/thicker?

The length of the time it takes for the hair to re-grow after threading depends on your personal hair growth rate. Normally, clients return to get threading 2-4 weeks from their initial session. Otherwise, you can get threaded as often as you'd like!

If you have a lower pain tolerance, the longer you wait for touch-ups, the more it'll feel like the first time getting it done. (I recommend coming sooner rather than later)

No! Your hair will never grow back thicker or darker after threading. Since threading removes the hair from the root, your hair will become softer and finer over time. Hairs will grow back thicker if using a form of depilatory hair removal (i.e shaving, creams). Epilation is the removal of hair from the root (threading/waxing/sugaring)

Can Threading be performed on the whole face?

Of course! Threading is an all-natural procedure so it can be done on any part of the face and is safe for all skin types! In fact, it is one of the most recommended and preferred method of facial hair removal. 

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