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Wax Prep

Please come in with 1/4 inch length of hair (about 2 weeks without shaving from your last session), any longer and it will be a bit more painful/harder to wax

Please come in, in comfy and flowy pants/outfit

Shower and exfoliate (body scrub, body mitt, chemical exfoliant) your body 24 hours prior to your appointment

If you have your "monthly friend," please reschedule your appointment due to you being more sensitive 

If needed, you can apply a lidocaine cream/spray 30 minutes prior to your wax to keep the pain minimal

Wax Aftercare

Don't exfoliate directly after your wax

Wait 24-48 hours to have "sexy time"

You can apply aloe or calendula cream post appointment to keep the redness/bumps at bay

After the first 48 hours post-wax, please exfoliate the region 1-2x/week! this will help reduce any ingrown or bumps!


Wax Contraindications 

Contraindications are things that prevent you from getting waxed.

  • have a sunburn

  • have open sores

  • recently had a skin procedure

  • use bleaching products

  • use acids or peels

  • take oral acne medications

  • take oral or topical retinol products

  • take oral or topical antibiotics

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