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Eyelash Extension Prep

Come in with clean, makeup-free lashes/face

Come in comfy clothes/shoes, you'll be laying down for awhile 

Please refrain from wearing fake lashes 48 hours before appointment

Please refrain from drinking caffeinated beverages before appointment, this causes fluttery eyes

Please avoid wearing contacts this day and/or bring your case+solution with you!!

You may listen to your own music/podcasts during your appointment, otherwise if you have any requests, we can change it to what you like! 

Have all forms filled out for eyelashes and make sure to inform your lash tech all of your allergies!

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

NO picking, pulling, twisting, turning

NO hot showers/steam

Avoid strong water pressure on lashes

Please refrain from any makeup that will prevent you from having the best retention!

Stay away from oil-based products

Try to sleep on your back/sides vs. your face

Prebook your next appointment!

stay away from any extreme heat!


If you have any concerns about your lashes, please message me within 3 days of your appointment otherwise you'll be paying for a full-priced appointment


Change your mind on extensions? Let us know within 3 days of your last appointment and we can schedule a removal + 50% off lash lift & tint!

Can I go up or down in fullness of the lashes? If I get classic, can I switch to hybrid or even volume?

A: Yes, you totally can! Theres an upgrade charge of $5, and there will just be an adjustment period from the initial set!

How long until I can shower again?

A: You can shower 24 hours after your appointment, I usually recommend showering the day of your appointment so that way you don't have to worry!


Eyelash Extension FAQ

Can I wear my makeup as normal with these?

A: Yes, you can! Just watch out with using oil-based products around the eye area as that can cause retention issues!

How long until I can workout from my appointment?

A: I would wait a full day before working out as sweat can cause your freshly filled lashes to come off asap. Also, please make sure you're washing them right after working out to increase your retention.

Eyelash Extension / Lash Lift

Contraindications are things that prevent you from getting eyelash extensions. 

  • Contagious or eye infection disorder Eg. Conjunctivitis

  • Hypersensitive skin

  • Stye (an abscess filled with puss caused by staphylococcus bacteria)

  • Swelling of the eyes

  • Cancer

  • Herpes

  • Cuts or open wounds in the area

  • Epilepsy

  • Claustrophobia

  • Semi-Permanent make up Eg. eyeliner (healed after 4 weeks)

There are some situations that might need written medical clearance like chemotherapy within the last 6 months or laser eye surgery.

Eyelash Lash Lift/Tint 

Come in with clean, makeup free lashes/face

avoid caffeine, nicotine or any stimulants prior to appointment

Avoid wearing contacts to your appointment

Please note: there is a slight chance of your lashes not being able to lift, whether is due to the strength of the lash itself or other factors. If that is the case, we will not charge you more than the deposit.


No mascara for 24 hours

Don't get them wet for 24 hours

avoid sleeping on your face within the first 24 hours

How can I increase retention?

A: Avoid anything with oil

Oilier faces =more washing of lashes

wash lashes immediately after working out/swimming

No picking/pulling/twisting/turning of lashes, this will cause them to come out prematurely and will affect your lash growth

Weather changes might affect lashes!

Avoid heavy makeup on/around eye area, please wash them nightly

Avoid hot water/steam, itll loosen the glue and cause them to come out

avoid putting your face directly under showerhead, the water pressure will tug on your lashes


I just want to say thank you to everyone that has walked into my studio and loved their lashes! We made it to Green Bay's Top 10 for eyelash extensions because of it!! You are all amazingly beautiful and I am so beyond grateful!!



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