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Facial Prep

Please come to your appointment with no makeup, comfy clothes/shoes as well as having forms filled out (if not, please come 5 minutes early to do so)

Please specify any and all allergies as some ingredient labels are different for one item as it's formulated differently.

Facial Aftercare

Refrain from makeup for 24 hours

Don't touch, pop, poke at any pimples that may pop up over the next 24-48 hours, they're more than likely purging pimples vs. normal ones!

If your skin starts to peel, please refrain from pulling/picking off that dead skin! It could cause further damage!

If you plan on booking prior to an important event, please book 1-2 weeks prior to your event date in case anything happens!

Facial FAQ



cold sores

bacterial/fungal infections

open wounds on face

How often do I need to come in?

I recommend every 4-6 weeks if you're not on a skincare routine, otherwise 6-8 weeks! If you want to get a skincare routine with me, you can buy a $25 skincare box. The box is filled with 4-5 trial/travel-sized skincare products tailored to you target your skin's concerns, and we can adjust the products at any time before you bite the bullet if you purchase bigger product sizes!


Apply for acne boot camp here👇🏽

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